What a great week!  After all of the apprehension I have been feeling about the enormous task of running my first marathon, I have to remember what has always been my key to success.  I never knew before how I was going to accomplish any other running goal, so I just started working toward it without a total picture of the end.  Simply put, I just did the work.  The same is true here.  For this marathon training endeavor, I have a running plan, a nutrition plan, and scheduled rest.  I just follow that exactly, getting in every workout as scheduled, follow the nutrition plan, hit my calorie goal every day, and embrace the luxury that is rest day.

What I have learned so far has been interesting.  Anyone who knows me well can tell you that I have been literally every size from 5 to 16 in my lifetime, but the nutrition component has started to change my orientation to food.  All my life, I have been good at losing weight but not super awesome at keeping it off for the long term.  I always equated salad with health, and I knew I could quickly drop weight by subsisting on rabbit food.  My gosh, I could not eat another salad, especially knowing I had to run.  The other thing I have learned is the value of asking for help and being totally honest.  So as we were making these training plans, I was just totally honest with my team.  Cooking and deciding what to eat makes me anxious, and I do not do it well.  I knew to be successful, I did not want to eat processed food.  I wanted to eat fresh food that would make me full but still fall in my calorie range.  Enter Mighty Meals!  The food is fresh and awesome, and because I order 14 per week, it is delivered to my door!  What the nutrition plan is helping me do is look at my calorie goal as a target I need to reach, instead of something from which I need to cut.  I have not felt deprived, rather, I find myself needing to find a quick healthy snack to add to reach the goal, and I have made it every day with positive results.

Although I have seen positive numerical results, I am a firm believer that results are not achieved solely on the scale.  I have been watching for results in other ways, and I certainly see them.  I definitely already see and feel a stronger core.  When Lisa, Murphy and I went running on Thursday I was surprised when Lisa told me my mile was under a half hour outside.  I will take it!  We are just starting this journey.  It will test me in every way, but I am excited to see where it leads.

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