It’s go time!  Throughout July, I have worked with my team to get a nutrition plan, a trainer, and a running and training plan in place.  Today is the day where we put that plan into action!  We are still working out some details on the overall training plan, but after a quick call on Friday, I found out I was good to do four miles on day 1.

I wish I could tell you I sprang out of bed this morning to crank out this workout.  That would make for a motivational start to this journey.  However, that is not the case.   It was not for lack of motivation!

Last night, I volunteered for Dreams For Kids DC.  I gave a workshop on interviewing to young adults with disabilities.  I love doing things like this in a place like DC — where I have made my home — and I love engaging with youth trying to get started in their career!  As a result, I still had a lot of work to do when I got home.  So a late night and less sleep resulted in me forgetting to set one of my daily two alarms, and sleeping through the first.

So even though I struggle with evening workouts, I crushed it tonight after work.   Once I got to the gym, it felt great.  I felt strong and determined.  I ran into a friend as I was lifting, and even though I am not really broadcasting my goal yet, I was so excited to talk to her about my first workout.  This friend lives in my building, and I had actually encouraged her to run the Crystal City Twilighter.  She was even wearing the shirt.  We talked about her experience with the race, and it turns out she had run a marathon of her own.  It was great to hear her perspectives and tips.  I learned that I would freak out and that would be totally normal.  Somehow, that is calming to me.

I didn’t realize it until today, when it showed up in my Facebook feed, but August 1 is a very historically significant day in my running career. It is on August 1, 2012 that I started asking for input from my Facebook tribe about the Marine Corps Gender Defender.  What was supposed to be my only 5K turned into the first of many.  Now it seems fitting that I would begin marathon training 5 years to the day I expressed interest in running as sport!

I feel like today was a success!  I got my workout in, despite time challenges, which is good practice for persevering through these obstacles in the months to come.  My food is AWESOME!  I am using Mighty Meals.  I love it because it is real food that is healthy that I do not need to cook.  I am not starving, but I know my portions are controlled so it is a win-win.  I am sure there will be good days and bad, but this was a great one!  Mark it down!  April 29, 2018!  It is coming.  I will be ready!

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